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Small Tropical Colored Abstract Embroidery Hoop

Small Tropical Colored Abstract Embroidery Hoop

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Brighten up any room with the help of this Small Tropical Colored Abstract Embroidery Hoop that I created. It's a seven color, hand stitched artwork on teal linen fabric in a wooden hoop that measures four inches in diameter.

The thread is sewn in an organic and fluid pattern, sort of reminiscent of geothermal map. I find this pattern to be very calming, and I've been doing some exploratory play with it for the last few years, but exclusively in embroidery hoop form. Sometimes a very simplified version of this pattern can be found in the backgrounds of my paintings but never as complex nor colorful in it's embroidered state. Maybe there's something magical that happens with the pattern in combination of the patient tedium of hand sewing! 


Visual description: The piece is contained within a light brown embroidery hoop. There are seven colors of thread; neon red, orange, amber, light olive green, teal, lilac and dark magenta. The colors repeat in a psychedelic, undulating pattern on light teal linen fabric.

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