Hi! I'm Sam and this is my website.

I am a queer artist who grew up in Minnesota but now lives in Oregon. Both of these places are cold and gray for months at a time each year, which has always shaped my need to seek and create colorful art.

I strive to keep my practice playful and curious, which naturally means that I love to try new mediums. Historically, painting and drawing have been my favorite mediums, but recently, I have been very much enjoying working with sequins. Specifically, sewing sequins by hand on top of a painted canvas, or onto felt in order to create a wearable patch.

Sequins are a commonly overlooked item, frequently associated with cheapness, and maybe that’s why I like them so much. Like glitter, sequins are also a symbol of visible queerness and are an important artifact from when all homosexual activity had to happen after dark, but still with fierce, sparkly defiance.

That bravery to be yourself, despite public reaction, is beautiful and terrifying. It not only motivates my art practice, but certainly bleeds over into multiple aspects of my life. How could it not? Such big feelings can only be processed perpetually. And, in my opinion, with color and humor and paint and sequins and visually investigating my thoughts.

and thank you for being here!

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Hope you enjoy; take care!