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Night Stand ~ Acrylic Painting by Sam Pletcher

Night Stand ~ Acrylic Painting by Sam Pletcher

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This is a painting called "Night Stand" that I created in 2023. It has a bright yellow background and features a small orange night stand with two drawers. On top of the night stand are a blue striped lamp, a green translucent vase with one daisy in it, a small lip balm and a phone that is charging and plugged into an outlet on the edge of the canvas. All of the edges of the canvas actually have outlets painted on them. 

It's rare for me to have a painting without a person or some sort of figure, but I still really like this piece! Maybe because it's different, or because it features the personal belongings of somebody or because it's both bright and mysterious. Whatever the reason, I'm pleased with my work.

Materials used: Acrylic paint Gouache paint

Measures 5 inches by 7 inches with a depth of 1.5 inches. Created in 2023.

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