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Mr Hopkins the Lil Froggie Guy Version 3 ~ Waterproof and UV Protected Stickers

Mr Hopkins the Lil Froggie Guy Version 3 ~ Waterproof and UV Protected Stickers

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omg it's the third sticker sheet design of Mr Hopkins, so it's his third year of life since I only draw him once a year (since I don't want to exploit him and just be constantly churning designs out)

So welcome back, Mr. Hopkins, the lil froggie guy on the sticker sheet! The entire sheet measures 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall and there are 13 stickers total, 11 fully grown frogs and 2 tadpoles.

The stickers are made from a super high quality, thick vinyl that is both waterproof and UV protected. Its a really lovely matte texture and you can definitely feel the quality in your hands when you hold the sheet!

a quick visual description, starting from top left of the sheet: There is Hopkins wearing sunglasses and cowboy boots with their tiny frog hands on their hips, to the right is a Hopkins holding up a progress pride flag, and in the top right corner is a curled up, sleeping Hopkins with his feet tucked under his chin. Below that row is the largest sticker, a Hopkins swimming in water with a cute view of his rear cheeks. To the left is a young Hop, as a tadpole with his tongue out. In the middle is the smallest sticker, a tiny Hopkins with a cowboy hat. On the right is a grumpy tadpole Hop with a speech bubble that says "I don't want to grow up!". Below that row, a waving Hopkins taking a ride on a daisy is on the left, a pensive Hop face in the middle, and an exasperated Hop laying on his back on the right. The bottom left corner features an angry Hopkins with a puffed out chest, the bottom right a sleeping, snoring Hop on a pillow, both of which sandwich a happy Hopkins face enjoying the falling rain.

And they're all super cute and are a good variety of sizes that could fit in a lot of different spots! 

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