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FRUITY hand sewn sequin peel and stick patch

FRUITY hand sewn sequin peel and stick patch

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Feeling a lil fruity?? Add a touch of color and fun with this FRUITY hand sewn sequin peel and stick patch! 

This patch is perfect for anyone who's silly or whimsical or kind of a clown or wordplay lover or gay! It's a great subtle way to show your queerness.

Simply peel and stick onto any fabric for a colorful and playful addition, no ironing required!

Each sequin was hand sewn, one at a time, to create this one of a kind patch. And this one is extra special because each letter got its own color, so it's super vibrant.

These hand sewn sequin patches are all backed with a press on adhesive specifically designed for use on fabric!
To apply, peel off paper backing. then place patch onto fabric. Rub with firm pressure on both sides.
Patches are machine washable 48 hours after being applied!!
Wash on delicate cycle with warm water; tumble dry on delicate cycle with low heat.

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