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Goddamn I Love to Cry in Public ~ Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

Goddamn I Love to Cry in Public ~ Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

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Hi there!

This listing is for one sticker, created for me by my local Portland friends at Sticker Ninja!

The sticker measures 5 inches long and 2 inches tall, a perfect size for water bottles and cars and sketchbooks, in my opinion.

there’s nothing like showing your vulnerability to strangers on the bus avoiding you!!! what power you hold !!

who doesn’t struggle with intimacy and showing your emotions?? if you find that you can’t be totally honest about your feelings with those who care about you, there’s always the option to express yourself in public with people who do not care about you! to me, it’s freeing.

here is a verbal description of the sticker:
a navy blue rectangular sticker with a crying yellow smiley face on the left on top of a rainbow that runs from the left side of the sticker to the bottom of the sticker. the word "goddamn" is in big bubble-esque letters in the colors light blue, yellow and orange on the upper right area of the sticker. below that word are the words "I love to cry in public" in all caps and the color white. 

thanks for checking out my art :)

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