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Colorful Embroidered Canvas (2022)

Colorful Embroidered Canvas (2022)

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Brighten up your personal space with this enchanting rainbow-colored field painting, delicately embroidered on a high-quality Aida cloth canvas.

The vibrant hues will instantly uplift your mood, while the intricate stitch-work adds a touch of elegance. Display it proudly on your wall and let it inspire you with its joyful and encouraging vibes. Perfect for personal portfolios and art enthusiasts alike! 

Measures 6 inches by 6 inches

sam here: these embroidered canvas pieces are such a labor of love as they're very time consuming. so, i typically only create one (or sometimes the rare two) for the entire year! this one is from 2022 and I love the way I structured the stitches so that they almost look like jagged, stony mountain peaks. it's definitely different from any of the other embroidered canvasses!

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