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Artisanal ~ Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

Artisanal ~ Waterproof Vinyl Sticker

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Hi there!! Have you ever taken a good look at the word "artisanal?" Because I have. And came to realize that if you insert two spaces within that word, you can make three separate words that make a sort of strange, but comprehensible phrase... "Art is anal" 

The sticker measures 4 inches long and 1 inches tall so it can fit almost anywhere.

These stickers were created for me by my local Portland friends over at Sticker Ninja

here is a verbal description of the sticker: Three words are written on the sticker design; art, is and anal. All of the words are colored pink with a blue outline and a yellow drop shadow. In between the first and second, as well as the second and third, are two small flower-like shapes, in the same color scheme as the words. The background is brown.

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