I paint

in a lot of ways

on a lot of things

painting on wood

painting on canvas

painting on fabric

 I absolutely love creating artworks that are wearable. I like the idea of taking art off of the wall and putting it on another person's body and making them part of the presentation of the work.

The art takes on a different tone as different people are able to literally try it on and bring life to each piece in a unique way.

painting and stitching

 the texture of thread on top of paint is so enticing! it's hard not to constantly run your fingers along the canvas and feel the changes in the surfaces beneath your touch. I really love combining the two different mediums, please take a look through the work I've created while exploring the relationship between them.  

sequin painting

Even though I refer to these works as sequin paintings, there's really no paint visible on any of these pieces. instead, I used sequins and thread on a blank canvas, though sometimes there are hidden paintings behind the sequins, never to be viewed again.