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I love creating commissioned work. It's always so fascinating to combine someone else's shared ideas and my own visual interpretation! Please take a look through some of my favorite commissioned projects, which I have outlined below.


When I asked Abbey about what imagery she had in mind for her commissioned hand painted shirt, she sent me an entire paragraph of emojis. That's a pretty perfect prompt for me!


I painted this still life of flowers on top of a live edged wood slice for my grandmother. It was my first time painting on a substrate like this and it was difficult to not over-embellish the piece, so that the natural wood could show through.


Rein gave me very loose instructions and lots of creative freedom to make the back patch center piece of their dreams for their favorite jacket, which was not a task I took lightly! A very long chunk of time was spent stitching the six rats and each of their different personalities. 


This was my first time stitching on a faux leather material! Julia had decided to commission me to work on a handbag that she had recently thrifted and she gave me free range to create whatever I wanted, which was amazing!! The differences in the textures and surfaces between the thread and the faux leather made for a really fantastic finished piece!


 This was my first commissioned sequin banner! Torrie chose the coloring and text, YIKES, and I happily obliged. 


 A hand painted sweater for one of my very good friends! All of the images are based on aspects of her personality and interests; it was so fun to create!!